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Franco Pianegonda is the founder and chief creative talent of the Haute Joiallerie brand FRANCOPIANE.

He is an italian artist, sculptor and artisan from Vicenza, the city renowned since centuries for handmade gold and silver jewelry loved in almost every corner of the world. He is a modern innovator and a contemporary talent emerged from ancient artistic traditions of the historic city of Venice, which has always been Europe’s cultural gateway to East Europe, Central Asia, China, India and the Far East.

In line with the Veneto region’s vocation, Franco’s strenght is global perspective. He embraces globalization with open arms while also retaining the authenticity of Italian design and workmanship.


All Franco Pianegonda’s jewelry is handmade in Italy. We use genuine gold, silver and natural precoious stones. We never use blood diamonds and all our gems come from conflict-free zones.

Franco personally supervises the production of our jewelry in artisanal workshops in Italy. Some of the artisans have been in the jewelry-making business for generations and are considered among the best in the world. Diamonds and precious gems are usually inlaid by hand, one at a time. Finishing, polishing and rhodium-plating are also done by hand in the workshops.

When you invest in Franco Pianegonda jewelry you are getting genuine Italian workmanship. It is authentically Made in Italy. Nowadays it is rare to obtain this level of commitment because many vendors simply give finishing touches to imported jewels to make them eligible for the made in Italy label.


This is the sign used on all Franco Piane jewelry. It is designed like a seal similar to the red lacquer seal that has been used for centuries to authenticate official communications and personal letters. The alphabets “fp” are the initials of the artist’s name “Franco Pianegonda”. The initials are engraved on a background of Franco’s real thumb print. That thumb print signifies that the jewel was created, designed and manufactured by Franco. It is a promise of authenticity and Franco’s dedication to each person wearing his jewels. The links around the initials signify that life is like a chain of events. Each link must be strong and beautiful to make life robust and happy. The links also signify that Franco has a bond of sincerity to each person who wears a Franco Piane jewel.



Franco Pianegonda use exclusively 925%, nickel fee silver, in compliance with directive 94/27/EC and guarantees that its jewels are completely anallergic. The silver is galvanised with silvering and rhodium plating processes.


Franco Pianegonda makes exclusive use of 18 kt gold. The handcrafted work emboided in FRANCOPIANE branded gold jewelery is a guarantee of high quality


Franco Pianegonda will only use natural stones, whose preciouness is exalted by the vividness, brilliance and mutability of their colours. Every one stones used, being natural, is unique and inimitable, while the purity of the materials and the choice of colours highlight their quality.


Franco Pianegonda’s diamonds are, without exception, perfectly proportioned, premium and top quality, that satisfy the 4C evaluation criteria: Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut.